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iHangTime Jump Meter

4.1 ( 2811 ratings )
Sports Forme et santé
Développeur iAware
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Currently this app will crash when running iOS7. An update is under way. Thanks for your patience.

Do you ride a Snowboard, Ski, Skateboard, Bike or anything else that gets you air borne? Use iHangTime to measure how long you are air borne and experiencing zero-G! Get ready to JUMP!

1.Uses the iPhone accelerometers to determine how long you are at zero-G.
2.Calculates your equivalent jump height two different ways. Free-fall distance and up/down distance.
3.If your iPhone has a GPS, and there is a good GPS signal, this application will even calculate the horizontal distance traveled while air borne.
4.Measures the maximum number of G’s you experience, up to the limit of the iPhone accelerometer, which is 2.8.
5.Shows an amazing graph of the G’s in all 3 directions. The graphs hold two minutes of data and can be paused, scaled, and scrolled.

This program has been tested on an iPhone running firmware 2.2 and 2.2.1. You must have an iPhone 3G to access the GPS functions of this application. The GPS must have a strong signal for optimal distance measurement accuracy.